• Everything on earth evolves and changes with time. Our school has been in the process of it. This year, we saw that something has changed in it. We realized that buses have an organized place to park in near the exit department, where students pass through to go home.

    There are private and public buses. What is new is that there’s a roof top you pass through without getting wet, or hit by a car or a bus. It’s really benefiting for all students.

    And in our school, there are more interesting new things like line passages for the cafeteria to organize the students turns in buying food. Because, as everywhere else, there are some violent students that push others to take their turns. Now, it’s well organized and it’s getting safer for us to buy whatever we want.

    Students comfort in school



    Yorgo Issa EB5A     Martin Elias EB5B     Mira Yaacoub EB5C     Nour Sakr EB5D    

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